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Frequently Asked Questions
and the answers to help you...
  1. Why is this called ""?
  2. How does this work?
  3. About our "Contacts"
  4. Address Changed?
  5. Are care packages tax deductible?
  6. Blocked?
  7. Can I do a collection drive? Any suggestions?
  8. Can I email the Soldiers?
  9. Can I just mail to "Any Soldier"?
  10. Can I send homemade cookies/cakes/anything? I make the best in the world!
  11. Can I just send letters? How do I and what should I say?
  12. Can I use this site to complete OUR project?
  13. Can you send me the names of Soldiers who want to get mail?
  14. Can't use "Any Soldier"?
  15. Customs Forms?
  16. Do I get a tax deduction for the money I spend supporting the troops?
  17. Does this include Reserve and National Guard units?
  18. Doesn't the government give the Soldiers everything they need?
  19. Don't Mix Food and Non-Food Contents!
  20. Email?
  21. Flat Rate? The cheapest way?
  22. For Teachers:
  23. Forwarding? (How to and why it might not work)
  24. How do I address the packages?
  25. How do I add my unit to your site (or my son's/daughter's/husband's/wife's unit)?
  26. How do I understand Military Time?
  27. How much do I have to donate?
  28. Insured and Registered?
  29. I requested addresses and they never arrived...what happened?
  30. I spend tons of money supporting the troops!! Why should I donate to Any Soldier Inc.??
  31. Isn't it illegal to send mail to "Any Soldier"?
  32. Is this site current?
  33. Is this site only for Americans?
  34. Is this site supported by the Democratic, Republican, or other party?
  35. Just Letters?
  36. Large Mailings?
  37. Lost mail? Send an e-mail to the military
  38. My company, school, church, etc. organized hundreds of boxes. How do we send these?
  39. My Contact disappeared from the list! What happened??
  40. Overview well worth the read.
  41. Packing?
  42. Postage?
  43. Returned (Bounced) Packages?
  44. Scams?
  45. Want a Reply?
  46. Want Us to pick a Contact for you?
  47. Well, the clerk at my post office said...
  48. What about phone cards?
  49. What are the links in the Where to Send page?
  50. What are the Military Ranks?
  51. What are "Updates"?
  52. What can't I send?
  53. What does 'DOD' or 'BN' or other acronym mean?
  54. What is better, one big box or a bunch of little ones?
  55. What is the most critical or best thing I can send?
  56. Why are you not listed on "" web site?
  57. Why didn't you answer my email?
  58. Why don't you have more units listed?
  59. Why is there a limit on the number of addresses we can get?
  60. Why not have a registration service?
  61. Why not work with (fill in the blank) Company for a better deal?
  62. Will I get a thank you from the Soldier that gets my package?
  63. XXXX?

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