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MSgt George S. Charette
- U. S. Air Force -
MSgt George S. Charette
(Address not available or expired.)
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(This address has been requested 20 times.) (NOTE **)
Airman's Title: Production Superintendent
APO/FPO: APO AE (Note 1*)
Added here: 11 December 2017
End date: 07 Mar 2018 (Note 3*)
Contact for approx number of Males: 7, Females: 0 (Note 5*)
Unit is from: South Carolina (Note 6*)

Note: MSgt George S. Charette was dropped from this list on 06 Apr 2018 due to 60 days of no contact.

05 Feb 2018:
Anyairman Supporters,
    First off let me greatly extend my appreciation for the groups and individuals that took time out of their busy days to collect, build and send packages to my team and myself. The packages and items contained inside have been very useful to my team. I apologize for not sending a update sooner but I
have been very busy here at my dry undisclosed location. We enjoyed reading the letters from the children and organizations like the nice lady who told us about her family and accomplishments and the famous non albino white squirrels
they have in their town. We even read the sometimes humorous hand written letters from the children in school. All we can say to them is thank you and stay in school and learn from your teachers so you have the tools to be or do
whatever you wish in the future. Again I apologize to the people that may have wanted us to write back but with are manning and long shifts it very difficult to even have time for ourselves. I would send pictures but we are not
permitted to, but rest assured you would see several smiling faces in the pictures armed to the teeth lol. I can't say thanks enough and please continue to support the anyairmen, soldier, marine, and seaman program it means a lot
to us in the dry undisclosed locations.

11 Dec 2017

Hi I'm MSgt Charette and I'm representing my group of aircraft maintenance airmen and we are from Charleston Air force base South Carolina. We work on the C-17A providing maintenance and servicing on a daily basis. We live in temporary buildings set up as dorms and have US 110 power source here. Which is surprising and very helpful with the few electronic items we had brought from home. At work we do have some of the basic items like a normal fridge, small portable burner with a pot and a microwave which does greatly help with reheating our Chow hall food, because a plane lands and we can't eat at that time. We have a small single serving Keurig machine that we use also for coffee, cocoa and apple cider Kcups when we get them in the mail. Our guys like to play various different types of games for Xbox 1, PS4 and board games when we have free time, but the dust here is a real killer in fact our Xbox just died. Trying to work on getting a new one from our command but that always takes forever. Every Tuesday we try to have a group game night with Board games of various types for team building @ morale since we are all away from family and friends especially during these holiday months. The guys also workout at the gym here and use things like protein powders and other supplements to help with their workouts. The Post exchange (store) has most of the common toiletry items we need so that's good. Usually we will trade things amongst ourselves, if say hey I need some laundry pods and he needs some gum or what ever we try to help each other out. I try to do little things to boost morale around here as well like buying chocolates ect... or even sponsoring a white elephant gift exchange this Christmas with some of my income to make the Christmas just a little bit better. Figure if I can just improve their morale just a little this 6 months it wont be so rough for them. I'm sure my team here will appreciate if we are selected and will definitely put a smile on their faces.

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