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AZ Ryan Qutami
- U. S. Navy -
AZ Ryan Qutami
(Address not available or expired.)
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(This address has been requested 46 times.) (NOTE **)
APO/FPO: FPO AP (Note 1*)
Added here: 19 July 2017
End date: 06 Nov 2017 (Note 3*)
Contact for approx number of Males: 28, Females: 4 (Note 5*)
Unit is from: Japan (Note 6*)

13 Nov 2017:
Hello! AZAN Qutami here from the Ronald Reagan! I know it's been awhile since I've replied and I apologize to all of our supporters on behalf of my division. We've definitely been busy lately due to a huge maintenance inspection coming up. We've been preparing and making sure that my shop is ready to ace this maintenance inspection. My shop/division is around 35 people, about 10 girls now, and some prospective gain on the way. This deployment is definitely kicking our butts due to the inspections, port calls and photo ops with carriers and foreign ally ships however we are still going strong.    Hopefully this deployment will be over soon enough so everyone can come home to their families every day. We're definitely excited to finish this deployment soon and return home for a 6 month period before going back out again. So as of now we don’t need much items/products you gracious supports do send because we've been pretty stocked up lately but it is always welcomed and pleased to know you guys are amazing and supportive of our defense in the Asian Pacific region of the world. South Korea & Japan are one of our greatest ally's and in order to keep that bond we remain over here helping each other out. So if you do wish to remain sending us items we'd greatly appreciate it, the following is what we'd like to receive:
    Since its winter over here it starts to get cold and extremely windy so gloves, scarfs, jackets, pants, socks, beanies, anything that'll keep us warm over here in our metal container we call home is welcomed. Besides clothes we love to receive coffee and snacks because we're always tired in the morning after a long day the night before and always hungry because the galley aboard can only make the best food for a ship of 5,000+ people. At the moment I cannot think of anything else however if I do find out what else we might need, I will definitely update you guys on it. We really do love the motivation and support we receive from all around the country and world. We do what we do for people like you, we couldn’t do what we do without each and every one of you. This is why America is one of the greatest countries out there, because of our patriotic Americans and those who stand behind us. May God Bless America.

    - AZAN Qutami

21 Sep 2017
Hello! I am AZAN Qutami. Even though I am an airman/E-3 I do all the aviation
paperwork involved with SE -Support Equipment- gear. We're usually out to sea
6 months of the year, every year due to being the ONLY forward deployed
overseas aircraft carrier. We have about 40 people in our division. I work
with AS's - LS's who order our parts needed for the gear the AS's work on- who
are aviation support equipment technicians. Their primary role and mission is
to support the air wing via support equipment. They get down, on top, under
gear, and dirty with oil, grease, dirt, fluids, everyday day & night in, day &
night out 24/7. They are one of the hardest workers I've come to meet in my
short time within the Navy. Least I can do is help them through you military
supporters and show them that what they do is important and vital to our
mission and that their supporters support them every day for their sacrifice
for everyone's freedom in the United States. Sending them gifts are much
desired and always will be thankful and grateful for your gracious care
packages. Thank you so much.
What we are in need of always is:
    -Coffee (we go through coffee fast. It helps us stay up and always alert)
    -Microwavable rice and beans are always easily accessible for us if we're
busy working and miss our meal breaks.
    -Cans of turkey/chicken breast, as well as it is easily quick to prepare.
    -Black socks and blue shirts due to we wear those articles of clothing
everyday so we go through those pretty hastily. Especially in places    where
its humid and hot we switch socks and shirts twice a day.
    -Sanitizers/cleaning supplies, always helps us to be clean so no one in our
division gets sick and delay our gear output.
    -Hygiene products are likely needed, depending on how long we stay out to sea
or use due to extreme humidity and weather changes.
    - Lastly, snacks. Snacks such as beef jerky, crackers, candy, noodles, gum,
chocolate, protein/granola bars, etc. These always come in handy    in between
our breaks of working 12+ hours on our gear.

Once again, we thank our supporters so very much for your support of us and
love to hear from you guys and enjoy the care packages you all graciously send
us. We do our part because of people like you. God Bless America.

Very Respectfully,

AZAN Qutami

19 Jul 2017
Living Conditions: Limited supplies of food in ship's store, galley offers little portion of food daily, isolation, on a ship in the Pacific Ocean. Sleep on racks, day and night shifts switch.

We do have electricity in the office. AC works fine. In the working space/shop we use fans. Electricity does go out here and there.

Laundry works, however we run out of fresh water on ship and they will shut down the laundry service when fresh water supply is low.

Only food items we can use are microwavable food. We do have a refrigerator and freezer. Food that we can heat up or keep cold will help.

I am representing my division in my department, GSE/IM-4. We work on ground support equipment to supply and assist the air wings aboard the CVN 76 USS RONALD REAGAN in order to complete their aviation missions.

Black socks and blue shirts are items we do go through easily. Unable to cook our own food unless its microwavable. we use flash lights a lot due to night and day check people working so lights are off around the ship making it harder to see and navigate around the ship. Internet service is limited, cant communicate with family often. Sailors come from Puerto Rico, Columbia, South and North Carolina, California, Texas, Arizona, Jamaica, Ghana, Ivory Coast, etc. Very diverse division we have going on. We are very close and friendly with one another. We look out for one another.

Thank you :)

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