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LCDR Erin L. Elliott
- U. S. Navy -
LCDR Erin L. Elliott
(Address not available or expired.)
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(This address has been requested 102 times.) (NOTE **)
Sailor's Title: Commanding Officer
APO/FPO: FPO AE (Note 1*)
Added here: 19 May 2017
End date: 21 Oct 2017 (Note 3*)
Contact for approx number of Males: 28, Females: 1 (Note 5*)
Unit is from: Other (Note 6*)

Note: LCDR Erin L. Elliott was dropped from this list on 20 Nov 2017 due to 60 days of no contact.

21 Sep 2017:
Thank you to everyone who has been sending us packages, mail, letters, and what not. It's been a long, hot, stressful summer and the packages we receive really do help make being away from home better.

The Sailors really enjoy any time of food and snacks (nuts, candy, jerkey, ramen, etc.). They have also taken a liking to some hand made pillows and beanie babies (which are not placed throughout the ship). Funny for a ship full of men!

We are starting to get a little break in the weather. It's still pretty hot, but the heat index is starting stay between 100-110 degrees F, which is much better than the 130's and 140's. It's funny how your body "adjusts" to the weather where you are.

Thank you again to everyone who continues to support us.

24 Jul 2017

A huge thank you to everyone that has sent us care packages! The Sailors are so excited to get them and it has been a huge moral booster.

We recently finished our maintenance availability and have been back underway. The heat index has reached 140 degrees F on several occasions, so we are doing our best to keep cool. Over here, with this heat, you drink more water than ever thought possible. That is why the Crystal Light type drink mixes are so popular- you drink so much water it is nice to have something different. Drinking 2 gallons of water a day is not uncommon.

We received a bunch of girl scout cookies recently and have been very appreciative! Most of my Sailors are here for more than one year and do not get many packages, so the little comforts from home are appreciated.

As always, the themed packages are great. We received some July 4th packages with letters and streamers, which were a huge hit. My Sailors also wanted me to thank you all for the ramen, tuna packets, and chips.

Thanks again- your support means more than you will ever know!

Very Respectfully,

Erin Leigh Elliott

19 Jun 2017

Hello and many thanks to everyone who has sent care packages for our crew! I am in the process of sending out thank you notes to everyone who has sent us packages.

Everything has been very much appreciated. The favorite items have been food! The chips/crackers, beef jerky, cookies, nuts, and Raman noodles have been the biggest hits. We received a box full of pringles which disappeared in a few minutes. Also, we have received some popsicles (the kind in the long, soft plastic that come in the liquid form, that you cut the top off and bite once frozen) which have been a HUGE hit with the temperatures already over 120 degrees here in the Middle East.

Thanks again for the boxes and I am doing my best to get a letter out to everyone who has sent us something.

Very Respectfully,
Erin Elliott

19 May 2017

Good day! I am the Captain of XXXXXX, permanently stationed in Bahrain, an island just off the coast of Saudi Arabia, across from Iran, in the Persian Gulf. We have approximatly 30 male crew members (I'm the only female as the Captain) that come here for 1-2 years without their families. They are an extremely hard working group of Sailors who endure grueling conditions (sometimes up to 140 degree F heat) to keep the United States safe.

They miss their families and the comforts back in the U.S. Any type of snacks are always appreciated- candy, cookies, jerky, nuts, gum, etc. We have cooking facilities and refrigerators, freezers, so heat up meals work great too. The Sailors also enjoy mixes for drinks, such as Gatorade, crystal light, etc. Pretty much any type of food or drink mix will make them ecstatic! They also enjoy different types of magazines so I know they would appreciate any that are sent to them. Finally, personal toiletries are always appreciated. Someone is always running out and sometimes we get stuck underway with no ability to buy more.

The Sailors also appreciate holiday themed packages (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.).

Thank you for supporting USS MONSOON Sailors as they are deployed in the Middle East!

Very Respectfully,
Erin Leigh Elliott

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(Note 1.): Note that postage to APO AE and FPO AE (E = Europe) is only to NY where the connection to the APO/FPO (APO = Army Post Office)(FPO = Fleet Post Office) is, or to San Francisco for APO AP and FPO AP (P = Pacific), so you don't pay postage all the way to Iraq/Afghanistan. You might consider picking contacts closer to your mailing area to help cut the cost of mailing. If you live on the East Coast, pick "AE", West Coast, pick "AP", Midwest, well...uh, Thank You for your Support! ;)

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(Note 3.): The "Expect to not mail past" date is only an approximate and is one of the least reliable things on this web site. It is because of this that you must check often before you send anything to this unit. There are a few reasons this date is not reliable, to include: it IS the Military, we ARE dealing with the APO/FPO/DPO. The only thing that does not change in the military is that things will change. PLEASE NOTE that a Contact is dropped off our active list 30 days PRIOR to their date leaving to help avoid mail bouncing.

(Note 4.): (Removed for OPSEC reasons)

(Note 5.): The lines, "Contact with approx number of Soldiers:" and "Approx how may Female Soldiers:" have NOTHING to do with unit strength. They are approximately how many other Troops the Contacts believe they can get packages to. This helps you understand that you should not send 100 packages to someone who only deals with 10 Troops.
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( Note 7.): Updated APO/FPO/DPO mailing restrictions> courtesy of (gone now) (Note: About Restriction "U2": "U2 - Limited to First Class Letters", Box "R" is for retired personnel that live overseas and are still authorized an APO/FPO box. Their address will be something like Box 3345R. Doubt you will see anything like that in Afghanistan or Iraq or ...)(Please Note: Sometime in August 2013, changed the code on their page and our form doesn't work with them anymore, so a link to their page is the best we can do, sorry.)

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