A Soldier's Prayer

Tonight as I lay down to sleep
I pray the Lord for your soul he keeps.
I pray for your safety and your safe return
I pray for more patience for us both to learn.
I pray for understanding and peace of mind
I pray for hope and faith that are sometimes hard to find.
I pray that you are safe and sound
I pray for this love we have found.
I pray for you to sleep well at night
I pray for you as you put up a fight.
I pray for peace and an end to this
I pray for me because its you i miss.
I pray for strength to be strong and couragous
I pray that our love with make it through the ages.
I pray that your heart is protected from mean
I pray that for your eyes that no harm is seen.
I pray for your mind that you understand
I pray you remember how it is at your land.
I pray for you to remember one thing
I pray you remember the Lord is King.
I pray you pray everynight
I pray you know he holds you tight.
I pray you know he has a plan
I pray you remember he is your number one fan.
I pray you know he loves you more than I
I pray you know he placed all the stars in the sky.
I pray you remember him when your feeling alone
I pray you remember to seak him in the unknown.
I pray for to talk to him when things get tough
I pray you hand it to him when you have had enough.
I pray he holds you in his arms so tight
I pray he is there when you have to fight
I pray he protects you when you sleep at night.
I pray he keeps you in his sight.
I pray for you to remember this i say
I pray this for you everyday!

Submitted by and used with permission of the author,
© Kristen Terry, 2006