Email from 'Doc' Heath, Friday, 30 Janruary 2004:
"Delivered a large amount of donated medical books and equipment yesterday. We made 2 stops; one at the Tuz Hospital and one at the Tuz Primary Health Care Center. Dr. Samaan of the of the Primary Health Care Center is the Health Director for all 13 clinics in this area and will distribute the donations among all of his clinics. The Iraqi physicians, nurses and medical staff were very delighted and thankful. I am also very appreciative of all of the packages that I have received in the mail. I have also received many letters, postcards, and e-mails voicing support from the people back home. I would like to thank everyone that has participated. I am still getting many e-mails from people asking how to help and where to send packages. This program has really been successful and it is all because of the caring people back home. They truly are great Americans!
Thanks again,
Doc Heath"
Supplies sent to Doc Heath
Doc Heath presenting medical supplies
Doc Heath presenting medical supplies
Doc Heath presenting medical supplies

Monday, 9 Feb. 2004
MAJ Meyer and CPT Heath distributing donations of medical supplies and visiting clinics during their transition in Iraq.
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