2 Iraqi staff members operate the administrative desk at the main entrance to the Hawija Hospital. The hospital lacks computers and the ability to automate its hospital information (patient tracking, immunizations, budget, administrative data, and supplies for example). There is also a lack of photocopiers, printers, and other basic office supplies and equipment. This hospital has a staff that includes Primary Care Physicians, OB-GYN Surgeons, General Surgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons, and Pediatricians. Most of these Iraqi physicians were attended Medical School in Mosul and Baghdad. They are quite intelligent and well trained. However, it is difficult for them to provide a high standard of quality care without the proper equipment and modern technology. They do the best they can with the equipment available and for a modest salary.
Iraqi physicians provide treatment to 2 civilian gunshot victims in the Hawija Hospital's Emergency Room. This Emergency Room also serves as a ward for acutely ill patients. The Emergency Room contains no monitors, oxygen cylinders, defibrillators or any other modern emergency resuscitative equipment considered basic standard of care in the United States. The hospital has 1 functioning Operating Room. However, it also lacks the proper monitoring equipment and there is a shortage in supplies and equipment.
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